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For Peak Performance!

Preventative Maintenance Reminder

For Peak Performance

Testing, Calibration & Cleaning

Regular maintenance is crucial to maximize the performance of your imaging system.  Our service engineers will test your system under normal operating conditions and will calibrate it to ensure accurate, reliable & consistent results. To avoid excess heat build-up and imaging artifacts caused by dust particles, regular maintenance should include meticulous cleaning of the cooling fans and optical systems using non-fluorescing cleaners.  After cleaning, adjustment and calibration of the system ensures delivery of crisp, reliable images.


The service engineer will document each PM visit and provide you with a service report immediately on completion.  Documentation of PM visits supports the validation life-cycle process and satisfies state laws.  If your practice is in the state of Colorado, state law requires annual PM’s as recommended by your equipment manufacturer.

How Often?

Our standard recommended PM frequency is one visit per year.  Additional PM visits may be advisable to ensure that your imaging system is performing optimally if:

  • Instrument usage is high
  • Your system is part of a critical work flow

Our service team can easily advise on the optimal frequency to suit your needs.


Consider Service Agreements- They provide you with:

  • Confidence in your results through regular PM visits
  • Predictable ownership costs
  • Minimal disruption with priority response time from quality trained service engineers


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