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Silver Recovery

We are HIPPA Compliant


Silver Reclamation services have been offered by Rocky Mountain Radiographics since 1968.

We offer fiber drums for transporting used x-ray film to our warehouse in Englewood, CO.


We partner with Pyromet, a silver recovery company out of Pennsylvania. Pyromet recycles and refines silver from many types of silver coated film and paper. Washed film containing emulsions we receive are 100% recycled and reused.


We also offer a "passive" (no electronic parts) silver recovery system for used fixer. We have several different models available based on your volume and space. These silver recovery systems are highly efficient without the maintenance, mess, or operating cost of electrolytic models. They have a unique patented system created for the recovery of silver and other heavy metals from used photo processing chemicals, which is beneficial in our efforts to protect our environment.Silver Recovery


All silver cells are easy to install and require no special plumbing or wiring. They are designed to operate continuously with no mechanical parts to fail.


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