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Digital xray chiropractic systems from Rocky Mountain Radiographics can be retrofit to your existing equipment or replace your current unit with a new chiropractic xray suite. Some of the many digital xray chiropractic systems that we carry include:


Del Medical, Americomp/Summit, Control-X and other digital chiropractic xray systems and radiographic suites.

Xray for Chiropractic Practices


Del Medical / Universal


Del-Medical-Universal.jpg (Lg:250x325)


The Universal Raymaster system is thoroughly at home in

private, group, or clinical applications. It uniquely

combines economy and flexibility in a system designed

to meet specialized and individual professional

radiographic needs.

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Control-X Chiro-Practical


Control-X-Chiro-Practical.jpg (Md:262x350)


Chiro-Practical radiographic systems offer affordable solutions to meet the imaging needs of every chiropactic office. These systems are designed to meet high performance demands by employing the latest technology in our generators.


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AmeriComp offers a variety of quality radiographic systems

and components, all at extremely affordable prices.

Ideal for clinic, group and private practices.

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20/20 Imaging Straight Arm


20-20-Imaging-Straight-Arm.jpg (Md:328x350)


20/20 Imaging introduces DR Technology to the Chiropractic profession.  It is adaptable to most existing grid cabinets.



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Digital CR and DR for Chiropractic Practices


20/20 Imaging C-Dr's 14x17 Sensor


20-20-Imaging-C-DRs-14x17-Sensor.jpg (Md:350x297)



The sensor captures image data and displays it on an acquire workstation within seconds of exposure. It is adaptable to most existing x-ray systems.


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Konica Minolta ImagePilot CR




You can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot CR System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics.



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The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact and lightweight readers on the market. The required space is comparatively smaller than other similar table-top systems and can be installed in any open space.

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Carestream Health DirectView Vita SE CR System


Carestream Health DirectView Vita SE CR System


Affordable, performance-rich computed radiography. The DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System is the next generation in computed radiography solutions designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare facilities and clinics.

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PACS Software


Today, you need a way to efficiently manage workflow and link your information systems so that all patient data are readily available to authorized personnel - anywhere, anytime - independent of working location.

PACS systems will equip you for these and other challenges with capabilities to manage diagnostic images and information, streamline reading and reporting, and quickly deliver images and reports to the point of patient care.

Rocky Mountain Radiographics is pleased to offer different PACS solutions designed to meet your specific needs and applications. Contact Us for more information.



Viztek's Opal-RAD PACS

Viztek’s Opal-RadPACS.  Taking workflow where you want it to go. Delivers world-class performance through a unique range of workflow-enhancing features:


  • Anywhere, Anytime Reading
  • Direct Dictation to Exam Files
  • Web-Based Report Management and Distribution
  • Single Access Point for PACS, RIS Information
  • Single Vendor, Multiple Solutions
  • Advanced Customizable Features
  • Work Seamlessly in a Location-Free Department
  • PET/CT Viewing
  • Cut Costs Througout the Imaging Process
  • Streamline Workflow with Intelligent Design
  • Drive Your Business

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IMAGE-CLOUD-365.gif (Lg:230x116)


 Introducing The Most Reliable & Cost-Effective Cloud-Based PACS!


• No More Hardware to Maintain

• No Plug-In’s to Download

• No More Costly VPN’s to Pay For

• Low Monthly Cost and Affordable

• View Images From Anywhere

• Mobile Viewing of Images

• Eliminate handling of C.D.s

• Secure Image Sharing

• Scalable


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