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We offer many digital xray medical systems that can be configured to fit existing or new medical xray rooms. Some of the digital xray medical systems that we carry include:



 Del Medical, Americomp/Summit, Control-X and other digital medical xray systems and radiographic suites.

 Xray for Medical 





Intelligent and Reliable

The FMT18M Digital Radiographic System was designed with

features proven to optimize workflow, patient care and

technologist productivity. The floor mounted configuration

makes it ideal for smaller imaging environments

requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care

and orthopedic facilities. FMT18M systems are

built to withstand medium to high volume throughput.


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 Americomp Suite






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              Del Medical








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Konica Minolta Ultrasound



SONIMAGE-HS11.jpg (Md:350x350)



SONIMAGE HS1 delivers best-in-class imaging with an easy to use touchscreen interface and connectivity for workflow efficiency and clinical confidence at the point of care.




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Digital CR and DR for Medical

Konica Minolta Image Pilot Aero


ImagePilotAero1.jpg (Lg:225x225) 


The Konica Minolta ImagePilot Aero combines the workflow and imaging efficiencies of the extremely lightweight, wireless AeroDR flat panel detector with the ease-of-use of ImagePilot imaging software. Our AutoPilot automatic image processing enables users of all experience levels to effortlessly achieve superb, consistent image quality.


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 RadmediX DR Systems




Wifi & Wired Transfer

Slim cassette size (36×43 cm2, 15mm)

Highly reliable and stable operation

High Definition by direct deposition Csl

WiFi image transfer available (optional)

Fast image acquisition time less than 2 sec.

Lossless AED support


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Konica Minolta ImagePilot CR







You can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot CR System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics.

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Fuji D-EVO


Fuji-D-EVO.jpg (Lg:400x390)


Ever wonder how fast images really appear? With FDR, image display begins in just two seconds, with a fully processed image displayed in only 3 seconds.

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Fuji-Prima.jpg (Lg:150x176)



The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact and lightweight reader units on the market. The required space is comparatively smaller than other similar table-top systems and can be installed in any open space.

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 PACS Software

Viztek's Opal-RAD PACSViztek’s Exa PACS revolutionizes the industry. With a true diagnostic zero footprint viewer paired with server side rendering technology, the PACS provides fast image access, from any device,  from all modalities.  

  • Zero footprint viewer
  • Server-side-rendering
  • Customizable workflow
  • Referring physician portal
  • Any modality viewing
  • Performance sashboard
  • Tablet viewing
  • Smartphone dictation module
  • Full funcionality for Microsoft, Linux, and Apple Computers

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PACS Systems

Today, you need a way to efficiently manage workflow and link your information systems so that all patient data are readily available to authorized personnel - anywhere, anytime - independent of working location.

PACS systems will equip you for these and other challenges with capabilities to manage diagnostic images and information, streamline reading and reporting, and quickly deliver images and reports to the point of patient care.

Rocky Mountain Radiographics is pleased to offer different PACS solutions designed to meet your specific needs and applications. Contact Us for more information.



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